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Smart Lighting To Boost Business

smart light

Home automation methods are gradually becoming a trend, and smart lighting is gaining its importance not only at homes or commercial places but also at business offices. Smart lighting is known to improve the moods of people and thus improve employee productivity too. The home automation lighting systems are gradually introduced in companies.

Also, the benefits of smart lighting for businesses were studied in detail by the site, and the results were positive ones that prove companies should seriously consider investing in smart lighting solutions. Companies all over the world are reaping success by introducing smart lighting automation.

Gaining a financial edge with smart lighting

These smart lighting bulbs are known to last longer than the usual bulbs. It is proved that it stays at least three times longer than CFLs and almost 20 times longer than incandescent lamps. Longer life implies lesser expenses. Hence the smart lighting gives an economic advantage too. Some companies have used smart lighting technologies to map employee motion patterns. Determining how the workforce navigates can be useful in the manufacturing facilities and can save a significant amount of money the coming years.

Colour lighting to change moods

Smart lighting automation gives the privilege to change colours of light when necessary. By changing colours of lights, it is not just that the place looks aesthetic, but it also helps in improving the mood of the employees. For instance, red is proved to have a relaxing effect on workers while blue light makes employees more diligent and energized. Hence Coloured lights can be utilized to relax or energize the employees, thus increasing production.


Finding the perfect balance between bright and dim lighting

Business owners can either brighten up or dim lights to increase production yields. If the light is too low, then it is proved to affect the productivity of employees as they might find it harder to concentrate. Similarly, if the lights are too bright, it is known to aggravate emotions, making upset ones angrier and sad people more depressed. Hence the business owners have to find the perfect balance between bright and dim light that would bring about a soothing effect, calms down minds, energizes them and thus in turn increase productivity.

Catering to individual lighting needs

Each person is different, and therefore no one size fits all. A light may be brighter for one person while another may find in dimmer. Hence, some offices have implemented smart lighting automation in such a way that each employee can control the light that falls on his workplace. With the help of a customizable app on their smart device, each employee can monitor the colour and brightness of light falling over his desk.

Customizable work lights are also useful in the case where the workforce is made up of both young and old employees. Employees older than 45 years would need twice as much as light as a 20-year-old to improve his performance. Hence this facility where each can control lighting over his desk becomes quite handy. Also, employees working by sitting in front of computers for longer durations are prone to headaches, migraines and eye strain. A brighter light will only aggravate this situation. So in such circumstances, the employee can dim down his light a bit and relax.

So in short, it is proved beyond doubt that smart lighting automation helps in energizing the workforce and improves the overall productivity of the office.

SEO Trends In Automobile Industry

SEO for the Automotive Industry

In the past, Automobile Industry mostly depended on costly TV and Newspaper ads to promote their new entrants. But with the changing times and the sudden popularity of search engines, SEO optimization has become necessary in the Automobile field. Recently conducted a survey among leading companies providing seo Chennai on strategies for local automotive seo and the results were put up on the site. The results were astonishing as to how much the Automobile market has evolved in the recent times.

The studies showed that consumer habits have evolved and we can’t solely rely on T.V ads and newspaper ads anymore. The car dealer should rather do SEO optimization of their websites than spending a ton on expensive TV and newspaper ads. It’s quite evident that strategic online advertisements and SEO optimization are now the key ingredients in diverting the customer’s attention to our website. So nowadays, dealers are more focused on digital things like PPC, display, SEO and online reviews.TV and radio have now taken the backseat role of ‘necessary evils.’

Automotive SEO

Here some important points to take note are as follows:
Ø Customers nowadays when they even start thinking of buying a car, the first thing they would do is search the net using search engines. Customers also use the internet to compare between 2 or 3 cars, their features, facilities, etc. and then come to a conclusion on which car to go for.
Ø Car buyers usually go through a minimum of 10 dealership websites before they arrive at a conclusion.

These trends are only expected to grow more over the coming years, and hence SEO becomes a necessity in the automobile industry. Things to keep in mind while doing SEO in the automobile industry are as follows:
Ø The website always remains the main point of attraction. Always first impression matters, and in this case, the first impression is given by the website. Hence the website should be designed in a user-friendly, easily accessible manner providing complete insight about each and every small detail about the cars, its facilities, and other details
Ø The homepage should include the address, and phone number of your outlets in all the pages of the website. There should also be a list of the cities your stores are located.
Ø The pages should necessarily contain title tag, H1, Meta description, image alt text and supporting titles.
Ø Always include a search bar for the users to type in and also social sites sharing plug-ins.
Ø Always provide attractive, eye catching and refreshing contents with proper usage of keywords.
Ø Always provide information regarding Car maintenance, new car launches, etc. and always support it with appropriate keywords, tags. City and state information.
Ø Always make sure that your page is listed in Google My Business page including all your contact details, categories, profile and also a description of your business, the cities involved and a route map to reach the place.
Ø Try to add a schema markup on your website which is the addition of simple code to your web page which helps to grab the attention of search engines quickly.
Ø Always try to use aggregator tools to get more citations. Citations contribute to rank up in the search results.
Ø Links that reach up to our sites helps in getting the user traffic to be diverted to our website.
Ø Always try to earn positive reviews, as people often check for reviews before they decide to visit an outlet.
Hence SEO has become a necessity in the automobile industry and keeping up with the SEO trends ensures a good business to the Car companies.